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Funding Year 2016: Form 470

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Funding Year 2016

Form 470


Have you posted your Form 470 for FY 2016 yet? Do you know what services to include on your Form 470? Contact us right away @ (315)422-7608 and we will guide you through the process!


It is important to include any and all services on your Form 470 in which you would like to receive Erate funding for. After posting the Form 470, your 28 day bidding window begins which can be very time-consuming and overwhelming. E-rate Exchange now offers an added Bid Management service, in which we will act as the contact person on the Form 470 and accept, and organize all incoming bids to be presented to you at the end of your 28-Day Bidding Window for your evaluation.

It is crucial to track all bids to ensure a “fair and open” bidding process, as it may be assessed if your district is chosen for a USAC Selective Review.  Since the E-Rate Modernization Order places an emphasis on openness in


provider choice and cost-effectiveness, we anticipate that there may be more reviews of this nature in upcoming funding years.  E-rate Exchange can assure that all bids received will be tracked and organized neatly, and presented to you for your evaluation.  If a review is issued, we will be prepared and organized to promptly supply any bid receipt documentation that USAC may request.

Our firm understands that this is an area of the program that many applicants find cumbersome and often confusing.  We immediately identified this as an opportunity to provide a solution to better serve our clients and make the process easier.  If you elect this option,  E-Rate Exchange will bill an additional $500 to your existing service agreement. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns via email, or by phone at 315-422-7608.


Contact us today at (315)422-7608, and we can help you begin the process of filing for Funding Year 2016! 

Kind Regards,

E-Rate Exchange


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