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Final Modernization Series: What E-Rate Exchange Can Do For You

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E-Rate Modernization Series:

What E-Rate Exchange Can Do For You

 We have been releasing a series of newsletters that are aimed to educate our readers on the E-rate Modernization, its potential affects on future funding, and offer helpful tips for moving forward into the upcoming Funding Year 2016. This is the final newsletter in the Modernization Series, discussing what we can do for you. 

The E-Rate Modernization has brought on a variety of changes to the program, but they also present an excellent opportunity to all applicants. Our goal here at E-Rate Exchange is to help you fully understand the changes, as well as help you benefit from the program. Here is what we can do for you.


  • – Help you benefit from the modernization changes
  • – Determine how to best offset the reduction in voice services
  • – Identify potential funding opportunities
  • – Calculate Category Two Budget
  • – Track Category Two Budget
  • – Review vendor quotes for eligibility
  • – Organize the Bid Management Process, during the 28-day bidding window
  • – Provide general guidance through the bidding process
  • – Build Form 470 & Form 471 on your behalf to ensure compliance with the program
  • – Answer all questions or concerns during the E-Rate process


Although the changes to the program may effect your funding, there are ways to offset those changes for the better. E-Rate Exchange, can, and will help you maximize your E-Rate reimbursements by identifying potential funding opportunities with the greatest return.

Please call our office at 315-422-7608, to discuss the Modernization Order, how it may effect you, and what we can do to offset and benefit from these changes. Our team of E-Rate experts is eager to assist you in developing a plan that aims to increase your return on the program.


Kind Regards,

The E-Rate Exchange Team



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