CIPA Compliance Services

CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act) compliance is required for an entity to become and remain eligible for the E-Rate Program. If an entity is found to be noncompliant, it will be required to reimburse USAC for all funds received during the period of noncompliance – this could amount to a loss of hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Because of this, compliance is vital. The guidelines presented by the FCC can be difficult to navigate, and we are pleased to offer several services to help ensure worry-free CIPA compliance. For more information about the Children’s Internet Protection Act please consult our CIPA 101 page.


Our CIPA Compliance Services include but are not limited to:

– Our CIPA compliance checklist, used to ensure that all CIPA requirements have been met

– Document review, tracking, and retention

– Compliance reports will be available immediately upon request

– Sample Internet Safety and Acceptable Use policies that can be modified to fit any needs

– Responsive and helpful guidance on the creation and modification of all CIPA-relevant documents

– The ability to answer any questions necessary alleviate the confusion that can be caused by unclear CIPA language and requirements

– Our guidance and expertise will be available to ensure that all CIPA requirements are met without the implementation of overly strict policies that affect educational integrity or curtail the rights of staff, students, and patrons

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