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  • FY 2016 Form 471 Filing Window Extended!

    Due to the number of changes USAC has made to the erate filing process this year, USAC has extended the 471 Filing Window Deadline from 4/29 to 5/26. Moving forward, every form must be filed through the new EPC Portal USAC has created, but FIRST your account has to be created and set-up. Has your EPC Account been completely set-up? Was your Form 470 really posted? Were you able to finish your Form 471? Is ...

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  • ATTENTION: Form 471 Filing Window Dates

    Special Announcement:   USAC has announced that the Funding Year 2016 Application Filing window for the FCC Form 471 will open this Wednesday, February 3rd at Noon, and will close on April 29th. The Form 471 is the next step in the filing process in securing your erate funding for FY 2016 (July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017). In order for us to accurately complete your Form 471, we will need ...

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  • Erate Exchange Community Outreach: Influencing Others For A Better Tomorrow

    ‘Tis the season for giving! With Thanksgiving around the corner, E-rate Exchange was inspired to go beyond schools and libraries, and give back to the community as well. With a portion of our client’s proceeds, we put together care packages with every day essentials such as warm socks, water, tooth brushes, and hygiene products. We drove around our communities to hand out these care packages to those in need. We hope to make an impact ...

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  • Funding Year 2016: Form 470

    Funding Year 2016 Form 470   Have you posted your Form 470 for FY 2016 yet? Do you know what services to include on your Form 470? Contact us right away @ (315)422-7608 and we will guide you through the process!   It is important to include any and all services on your Form 470 in which you would like to receive Erate funding for. After posting the Form 470, ...

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  • Final Modernization Series: What E-Rate Exchange Can Do For You

    E-Rate Modernization Series: What E-Rate Exchange Can Do For You  We have been releasing a series of newsletters that are aimed to educate our readers on the E-rate Modernization, its potential affects on future funding, and offer helpful tips for moving forward into the upcoming Funding Year 2016. This is the final newsletter in the Modernization Series, discussing what we can do for you.   The E-Rate Modernization has brought on a variety ...

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