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  • Gifting Rules Waived Due to COVID-19

    Due to COVID-19, many schools and libraries have closed and moved to online instruction. On March 23th, the FCC confirmed those schools and libraries that are closed due to the COVID-19 are permitted to allow the general public access to their E-Rate-supported Wi-Fi networks while on their premises, i.e. parking lots. If you do allow the general public access to your networks while on campus, it is encouraged to have them remain in their cars ...

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  • FY 2021 Begins New Category Two Budget

    FY 2021 and BEYOND - C2 IS PERMANENTLY AVAILABLE    e2e will calculate your new Category Two Budget to aid in the planning of the upcoming Funding Year 2021 (July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022). -The new 5-year fixed budgets begin starting with FY 2021 -This new 5-year budget cycle will reset every 5 years, with no rollover of funding from cycle-cycle (First cycle: FY 2021 - FY 2025) -The budgets will be calculated on a district- ...

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  • FY 2020 Form 471 Window Extended

    Form 471 Filing Window Has Been Extended The FCC has just announced that the FY 2020 Form 471 filing deadline has been extended until Wednesday, April 29, 2020! The window has been extended due to COVID-19. This will now give all applicants an additional 35 days to submit Form 471(s). The FCC also directed USAC to provide all applicants an automatic 14-day extension on PIA requests.    The FCC’s Public Notice announcing the extension may be ...

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  • FCC Releases New Category Two Rules

    Exciting news on the Category Two front! The highly anticipated Order brings a constant to the E-Rate program!  FY 2020 Funding Year 2020 (July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021) will be a 'bridge year' for Category Two funding by extending the 'test period' rules from FY 2015 - FY 2019 through FY 2020. Meaning, the funding that is left over from your previous 5 year budget will still be available to utilize for ...

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  • FY 2019 Eligible Services List

    Funding Year 2019 Eligible Services List   The FCC has released the E-rate Eligible Services List for Funding Year 2019. The eligible services are the same as FY 2018, only without voice services as they are no longer eligible for any applicants. Click here to access a summary of the E-rate Eligible Services list. If you have not yet reviewed the official list, we encourage you to contact your Account Specialist here at e2e Exchange and ...

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