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As we wait for USAC’s release of the 471 Filing Window Dates..

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As we wait for USAC’s release of the 471 Filing Window Dates, e2e Exchange is currently collecting this following information from clients:


Form 470

The Form 470 must include all category two equipment you intend purchase, and services you intend to utilize during the upcoming funding that were not listed as a contract previously. 


CFI Packet

The Client Furnished Information Packet includes details regarding the services you intend to use during the upcoming funding year, one complete invoice or contract copy for each account, and free and reduced lunch information. 


Form 471

The Filing of the Form 471s is set to commence in February. No official filing window dates have been announced as of yet. However, in order for us to file your application for FY 2017, both of the Form 470 and CFI need to be completed beforehand. 



If you have not started preparing for your Funding Year 2017 application, now is the time to do so. Please give us a call and we will be happy to help!

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