E-Rate Consulting & Compliance Service


E-Rate Exchange, the nations leading E-Rate consulting firm provides E-Rate consulting and erate assistance to ensure that you receive every dollar of erate funding you deserve for key technology purchases.

E-Rate Exchange is a team of experienced E-Rate consultants that are dedicated to work with clients during the deadline-intensive, E-Rate application process. Our E-Rate experts focus on understanding the needs of our clients and helping them effectively utilize the E-Rate program managed by the Schools and Libraries Division of the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC). We manage and monitor the application process so that our clients don’t have to.

The e-rate consultants at E-Rate Exchange have helped hundreds of school districts receive millions of dollars in E-Rate discounts and erate funding. Our team understands the complex process of seeking E-Rate funding. We also realize that you may not have the luxury of assigning a full-time staff member to the E-Rate application process. E-Rate Exchange fills that void and steps in to help you with every detail of the confusing and often cumbersome erate application process.

Our goal is to become your E-Rate compliance partner while also allowing school districts to completely outsource the E-Rate application process. Without adding to your overhead, E-Rate Exchange becomes an extension of your team and gives you the dedication of seasoned erate consulting specialists. Since the inception of the E-Rate program, E-Rate Exchange has helped hundreds of school districts with every stage of the application process.

Join the nations leading erate consultant firm. Our E-Rate consultant team is standing by and is ready to help you maximize your E-Rate funding.

E-Rate Exchange uses Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and a blog to keep custmers informed on the latest E-Rate program news.

E-Rate Exchange is a member of the E-Rate Management Professionals Association, E-mpa.